Global warming

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Problem Solution Paper with Research
Argumentative Essay

Purpose: to convince

Audience: US adults, but especially people who are affected by the problem you are writing about.
You should also include in your audience anyone who knows or lives with a person who is affected by the problem you are writing about. In addition, you may want to consider anyone or any communities who may be affected by your topic in the future.

The length should be three-four (3-4) pages—not including the Works Cited page.
The Essay should be written according to the MLA Format 8th edition
with at least three (3) sources in the works cited page.

For this assignment your purpose is to convince your audience about the severity of a problem in The US and propose a solution or possible solutions. Write about only one problem. Provide arguments for why something is a problem. Build a case for why something is a problem.
Be sure to include a debatable, arguable thesis statement that takes a stand.
Also, be sure to state your arguments directly and explicitly in your own words.

In general, I want you to write about your own ideas and experiences; however, I also want you to support your ideas with research from the Internet, library or other sources of information, but this is not a research paper. I am not expecting you to do a lot of research as would be expected in a formal research paper. In short, this is a problem and solution paper with some research.
The research should be done according to MLA Format including parenthetical citations and a works cited page.

Make sure you include a counterargument and a refutation.

One of the best ways to pick a topic for this paper is to think about a problem that you have gone through or that your loved ones have gone through, or you can think about a problem that affects your community and how your community has dealt with the problem. There must be some problem in The US that you are familiar with or that interests you or bothers you. Try to pick a topic with which you have some kind of emotional connection.

Moreover, this essay should be written in a formal, third person academic style. However, it should not be dry and boring. You should write in an authentic, personal voice, but in general this type of essay is more serious and academic in tone than our previous essays.

Warning: make sure you avoid plagiarism. Don’t just copy sentences from somewhere and pretend that you wrote them. Don’t steal sentences from someone else. If you get an idea or sentence or quote or statistic or whatever from somewhere, you must document your research by explaining where you got it from. Be sure to integrate quotions into your own writing. Do not just drop in a quotation all alone by itself. Quotations must be introduced. Consider providing some context for a quotation.
Block quotations (quotations longer than four lines) are not permitted. In general, avoid long quotations.
Avoid loaded terms. See folder below.
Most students consider this the hardest paper to write. However, most students make this harder than it should be. This is not supposed to be a research paper but you must add research to your paper. Failure to add parenthetical citations and a works cited page will result in a failing grade of zero.

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