Genetic Variation and Technology

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This week you were introduced to several diseases that result from a change in the genetic code. Your assignment this week to is to pick one and provide genetic pathophysiology of the disease. You should discuss the signs and symptoms of the disease, the characteristics of the gene that is linked to the disease, the type(s) of mutation that results in the disease, and characteristics of the inheritance of the disease. In addition, please find and integrate a peer-reviewed primary research article that discusses an attribute of the disease.

Include these subheadings in your paper: summary of the disease, function of the gene linked to the disease, mutation of the gene, and inheritance characteristics
Find and integrate a primary research article into one or more of the subsections listed above. You may use the Aspen library resources or a search engine like Google Scholar ( Scholar limits your returns to only peer-reviewed articles). An example article can be found here:

The disease could be sickle cell anemia, please include an introduction and conclusion. Turnitin score should be below 20%. Thanks.

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