freedom of speech in america

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For this essay, you will write a TWO – THREE page academic essay that relates to freedom of speech in
Create a Word doc and use MLA format (paper info, header, page numbers, in-text citations, Works
In your essay, you will discuss what freedom of speech means in America through your focus on ONE
SPECIFIC TOPIC (pick ONE of the following for the topic of your essay).
• The origins of the principle of freedom of speech at the time the country was forming.
. Reservations about freedom of speech when it was proposed.
Changes in the principle of freedom of speech over time.
• Threats to free speech over the years.
. Controversies that have arisen involving free speech.
• How the American version of free speech is different from that of other countries.
Your essays will be informed by the readings and assignments in Module 3, as well as ADDITIONAL
RESEARCH. You should use at least THREE sources (ONE of which you must find via the library databases). If
you want to use more sources, fine, but no more than FIVE.

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