Final Submission

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The final submission of the course project is now due.

Remember to provide titles and subtitles for each section of project where appropriate.

Your final submission should include a compilation of each section of the course project synthesized into one cohesive paper.
Prior to submission, be sure to make changes and revisions based on your instructor’s feedback.
Review grammar and punctuation.
Your paper should be a minimum of 5 pages in length.
Submit your paper in APA format.

Instructor’s feedback:

What county? Be specific to city and state.
Answer: Marion County. Ocala, FL.

How will this agency be funded?
Answer: From donations and the help of volunteers.

Be specific to the justification of your agency. Are there no other agencies located in the area? If not say that. Is this agency unique, if so say that.

Answer: There are other agencies in the area but there is a great need in the city for services we provide.

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