Final Profile

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DIRECTIONS: After reviewing the feedback on the draft, revise and submit the final version of the Profile.

Below is a reminder of the assignment directions:

Length: about 500-600 words

A profile is an engaging, informative, essay about a particular, living person (the subject). The writer’s goal is to focus on something interesting and/or unexpected about the selected person’s life or interests.

Directions: Select a person you know (or someone you would like to know about) who is willing to be the subject of a profile. Draw up a list of questions, organize a meeting time, and conduct an interview. Be prepared to write down and/or record the subject’s answers. You should get the subject’s permission if you plan to record the conversation.

Organize your material into paragraphs. The final version SHOULD NOT BE in “Q and A” format—it SHOULD BE in ESSAY format, with paragraphs.

Write objectively; include both paraphrases and direct quotes from your subject.


Use 12-point font
Type your name on the page

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