Final Paper on Community Assessment Project.

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The final paper is your opportunity to highlight for your instructor the successes you achieved and challenges you overcame in completing your Community Assessment Project.

This is a formal paper written in APA format of approximately 4-6 pages in length. No abstract is required. Paper should integrate all of the steps undertaken in the course of the project with enough detail for a reader unfamiliar with the project to understand the entire process. The paper should conclude with the student’s recommendations for further research, implementation of the intervention, and other recommendations.
Grading: The Final Paper will be graded according to the NHS Division’s Formal Paper Rubric (see attached).
Due Date: Because the Due Date falls within the final course module, we cannot accept any late assignments.
Celebrate! This project has many moving parts that require persistence and careful organization. Once you’ve submitted your final paper, congratulate yourself on a job well done!

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