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Below are the details for the final paper.

The entire semester is going to build up to this final assignment. You will need to write a minimum of 3,500 words about a topic of your choosing dealing with the medical field, and you will need to make and support an argument. Remember this is an argumentative research paper, not an informative research paper. You will need to convince or persuade your reader to see your side of a topic or issue. This will be a large paper that will consist of a few sections. Please follow the requirements below.


APA formatting

cover page

abstract required (not included in the word count)

Times New Roman, 12 pt. font


reference page with correct citations

APA headings with at least these sections included:


counterargument (optional)

main body with supporting details for your argument


reference page

at least five sources

at least 3,500 words

no plagiarism

submitted through Canvas via Microsoft Word or Google Drive with Google Doc link**

subject to late work policy


**If you do not submit your Google Doc link properly with your paper submission and I have to email you for the link or email you for access to the paper, I will automatically deduct 30 points from your grade. That means even if you score perfectly well on every other part of the paper, you will only be able to earn 370/400 points which is not an A.**

Submit your link correctly when you submit your paper. There are instructions for submitting the link in the Course Documents and Handout Module. Use these instructions or email me if you are struggling with submitting properly.


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