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Please follow the instructions exactly by 200%. I upload the paper(Article to be used ) that you should work with it. Also, I upload a sample but the title is different.
> The found paper must be summarized in two pages (Double Spaced, Auto/Auto, Justified, Times New Romans, font 12).
> (600-640) word only the summary without counting the cover page.
> Don’t include the literature review of the article in the Summary
> 6 – 7 paragraphs including the following parts:
1 – ( introduction part; 3 – 4 lines only).
2-Problem statement “Objective “part 4 – 6 lines: discussing the purpose of paper, explanation, and investigate of the quality,).
3 – (Two or three methodology part 4 – 6 lines: What method they use, questionnaire, analysis … etc.) 2 – 4- (Result part: numerical…. Etc.).
5 – (Conclusion part: what founded)
> Don’t include the literature review of the article in the Summary
> No title no subtitle for the parts
> Only text should be found in the summary, no tables, No names, figures, equations, titles or subtitles, citations or bullets. Use passive present perfect (It has been found, it has been investigated… Etc.). NO, I or we or the author
> Do not forget to mention the paper title, the name of the authors, the name of the journal with the volume number, and the publication year on the cover page of your summary as citation, using one of the citation standards.
> The citations standards (APA, Harvard, IEE and others) can be found under References when you use Microsoft word. You can use the library online search system to find a research paper.
> A percentage of similarities more than 10% will result in rejecting your submission

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