Enterprise Key Management Plan ( Cyber Security Technology)

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In this plan, you will identify the key components, the possible solutions, the risks, and benefits comparisons of each solution, and proposed mitigations to the risks. These, too, should be considered as a separate section or could be integrated within the implementation, operation, and maintenance sections.

Provide a high-level, top-layer network view (diagram) of the systems in Superior Health Care. The diagram can be a bubble chart or Visio drawing of a simple network diagram with servers.

dentify crypto attacks and other risks to the cryptographic systems posed by these gaps. Read these resources to brush up on your understanding of crypto attacks.

Propose solutions organizations may use to address these gaps and identify necessary components of these solutions.

Finally, identify challenges, including remedies, other organizations have faced in implementing a key management system.
A possible outline could be:

Key Components
Benefits and Risks

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