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This is part of my research and I need someone to help write about Oxygen Evolution Reaction. (chemistry: electrochemistry)
What is Oxygen Evolution Reaction? Why it is important?
What is the application? What is the Mechanism?
Oxygen evolution is the basic anodic reaction of water electrolysis.
Alkaline water electrolysis, using electricity generated by renewable sources has been proposed as an environmentally inoffensive route to the production of the large volumes of hydrogen gas required by a possible hydrogen economy. In practice the efficiency of water electrolysis is limited by the large anodic overpotential of the oxygen evolution reaction (OER). Over the past thirty years, considerable research effort has been devoted to the design, synthesis and characterisation of anode materials, with the aim of achieving useful rates of the OER at the lowest possible overpotential, in order to optimize the overall electrolysis process.
I do NOT want someone to use paraphrasing tool or software.
I need someone who knows chemistry and he is native speaker in English.
I need the work to be clear.
Scientific writing with some equations and figures
Font size : 12
Line and paragraph spacing : 1.5
number of pages 4 – 6 or more

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