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This is stimulation from SENTINEL CITY. Please follow the GOLD MASTERY section of the rubric and use Demographics from the stimulation. Please answer all the questions under OBSERVATIONS. Please be sure to address ADDITIONAL ISSUES NOT LISTED ARE ADDRESSED ( I noted that there was no public library). See the Sentinel City School District. Publicity-Funded Daycare ( Ave 120 ). Private, faith-Based Daycare (Ave40), Work-Site- Funded Daycare (Ave. 80 ), For-Profit Daycare (Ave. 160). Most Publicity-Funded Daycare in Acer Tech Center, least in Nightingale Square. Most Private, Faith-based is in Casper Park District, least in industrial Heights. Most Work-Site Funded Daycare in Industrial heights, Nightingale Square, and Acer Tech Center equal amount of Work-Site-Funded Daycare, none in Casper. Casper Park District. No For-Profit daycare in Industrial Heights the most in Acer Tech Center ( information on the number of daycares retrieved by Locating ABC Daycare) There was a hostage situation at the ABC Daycare. I saw children walking to school there was a school crossing guard. Mayor Franklin Hill said that bullying, Improvement to discipline, Vision for early childhood education, reduce inequalities are issues he will address. ( I note the bullying was mostly in the Middle School ). Graduate or higher percent of people age 25 + ( 27.3 %). Bachelor’s degree or high, a person of age 25 + (42,2%). I did not observe a PreK, but please make your own observation. ( if there is any further instruction needed please contact me before completing the paper).

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