Eating Healthy and Maintaining a Healthy Weight

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Review “How Being Overweight or Obese Affects your Health” case study and answer these questions. (I uploaded the case study document)

1. How does additional body weight affect physical status?
2. What are some of the barriers and challenges to losing weight in the U.S.?
3. Discuss cultural considerations when discussing weight and weight loss with clients.
4. What would you suggest to help Mark achieve a healthy weight? (PLEASE READ THE CASE STUDY I UPLOADED)

Reflect on your answers as you review the case study again. Update your answers to reflect a deeper understanding of the nurse’s role in counseling individuals about obesity.

• You may use your textbook and other resources to increase your knowledge of the topic.

Must be APA format.

You can also use another resource, but please include the one from the book as well. The PowerPoint that I uploaded is a lesson and will help you write the essay reflection. Thank you!

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