Dress Code in the workplac following Haydn Shaw’s five-point action plan model to the “sticking poin

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Sticking point-Dress Code:
The paper should include the following sections:
Title Page
Introduction: This should include an overview of the topic. Describe the focus of the paper, how you plan to approach it in your paper, and key elements the reader should look for.
Background and Significance: This section provides the reader with an understanding of why the research is important.
Literature Review: This review is the major part of the paper and will be 5-7 pages in length. It will be divided into sub-headings that identify the major issues and significant scholarly contributions to the topic.
Preliminary Interview Findings: This section will summarize your interview findings related to the “sticking point” you chose for your study. Dress Code
Five Point Action Plan: This section will apply Haydn Shaw’s five-point action plan model to the “sticking point” identified in your organization.
Proposed Research Design: This section will recommend a specific approach to conduct formal research on the chosen topic.
Suppositions and Implications: Your initial reflection upon what you discovered in your readings on the topic and how they relate to your interviews with the five generational representatives. What conclusions have you reached regarding the generational sticking points and your organization? Include recommendations for any future study of the topic.
Reference Page(s)

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