Discussion Thread: Nonverbal Communication

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Identify a nonverbal communication concept (a form or boundary) addressed in the reading and discuss how this could positively or negatively affect communication and gospel witness in an intercultural setting.

Books: Understanding Intercultural Communication by Stella Ting-Toomey and Leeva C. Chung, 2nd Edition Chapter 7 and Leading with Cultural Intelligence by David Livermore Chapters 8 – Epilogue.

You will post one thread of at least 400 words and 2 replies of at least 200 words each. For each thread, you must support your assertions with at least 2 scholarly citations in Turabian format.

Each reply must incorporate at least 1 biblical citation. Please keep the discussion essay to 400 words and NOT the full 825 words for which I am pre-paying. Once the discussion has been uploaded, I will send a revision with two other posts in which I will need a 200-word reply to each of the posts I am responding to.

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