Discussion #5

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In the week 7 slides that I created, you will briefly read my experiences related to chapter 22 (Grief, Loss, & Bereavement) and the loss of my friend’s husband. The text doesn’t really mention the term Gold Star Families, so I would like for you to conduct research in this area for increased awareness.

Since this information is not found in your text, please make sure you reference where you received your information and cite appropriately in APA format.

1) What is a Gold Star Family? And what are some of the general benefits awarded to Gold Star Families? Cite your information. (minimum of 2 paragraphs) – 3 points

2) Review the information on Grief Companioning (11 principles) as well as the other information mentioned on pages 401-403. Utilizing the information in the slides regarding my friend with two young children who lost their father. Tell me how you would use the information on pages 401-403 to help that family. (minimum of 3-4 good paragraphs) – 6 points

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