Design of Intervention to Address the Problem

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(1) Confirm the Problem

You proposed an initial Problem Statement based on findings from your windshield survey. Review data from your literature review and CHNA data analysis to determine if your initial Problem Statement remains the most important need for your community of interest. Revise the Problem Statement as appropriate to define the problem you are trying to resolve.

(2) Identify an Objective

Go to Healthy People 2030 at Healthy People 2030 Objectives (Links to an external site.) and select the topic area that matches the primary need you have identified. Read the overview, objectives and data, and evidence-based resources for your topic area, then choose an objective on which to base your intervention.

(3) Design an Intervention to Meet your Objective

Research the prevalence of the problem on both a national and regional/local level and identify contributing factors, then create a plan of action. List community groups and partnerships that are essential to carrying out the plan. Discuss proposed methods for financing the plan and identify your evaluation plan. What are your benchmarks for success? Be creative, but realistic. Consider the community’s resources as well as limitations.

Intervention should be submitted on Canvas in a 3-4 page, double-spaced, APA-format paper. Be very detailed in all aspects of the design of the intervention, including timeline (2-4 months), resources needed, personnel, financing, and evaluation.

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