Delegation/ Supervision

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The first section is to have a description of a delegation or supervision challenge you have faced.
This can be a situation where you were delegating or being delegated to.
A Reflection: What emotions surfaced with this situation, and what values and/or beliefs, including ethical principles connected to these emotions?
Adverse Consequences: What actual or potential adverse patient consequences resulted from the incident?
Moral Distress: How did, or could, this situation create moral distress?
The second section of the assignment is to find at least 2 ideas or solutions from the Potter, Deshields, and Kuhrik article that could have helped in the Resolution of the delegation/supervision incident you discussed in the first section of the assignment.
The third section of the assignment is to explore the Empowered Patient video (25 medical mistakes).
Discuss how one of these incidents may have resulted from or involved a delegation or supervision challenges. What experiences have you had or witnessed with the examples provided in the video, and what strategies are you doing, or will do, to help keep patients safe from harm?
After your main DB is posted, respond to at least 2 peer DB posts selecting a peer-reviewed/scholarly article to validate your analysis of each post.
TEMPLATE: Please follow this template for Discussion Board 3, which provides the correct use of the level one and level two headings:

Delegation/Supervision Description


Adverse Consequences

Moral Distress

Resolution Ideas (Potter et al. Article)

Empowered Patient


Additional Guidelines: The word limit for this discussion board assignment is 800 words. Also, remember that every paragraph (at least 3-5 sentences) will need at least two references with In-Text citations to gain full points for this assignment. The purpose of the citation is to provide the readers with proof that your ideas, opinions, and concepts are supported by evidence.

Use the 7th. edition of the APA Manual for all APA formatting

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