Current worldview is, what you believe

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This week’s paper focuses on what your current worldview is, what you believe. Think of this as a companion exercise. In this paper, you will consider how your ideas about the world were formed. Think back to your formative years: your childhood, middle school, and high school. What TV shows do you remember shaping your expectations about the world? What shows taught you what “the good life” looked like for an adult? What did they teach you to expect?

Pick three or four TV shows and briefly reflect on how they, consciously or unconsciously, affected the way that you approach the world. This assignment is a sketch of what you will be doing in Session 4 and is a good chance to start considering the ways in which your thought pattern has been shaped by media, more so than by other factors.

For example, when I was in middle and high school, the show “Friends” was the top-rated show on TV. It instilled in me the expectation that life as an adult was about being able to spend time with your friends all day and afford really big apartments. This expectation was clearly wrong, but I was able to point to where it developed. What types of expectations like these do you have molded into you?

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