Cruel Logic Discussion

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Godawa’s short film “Cruel Logic,” is a brilliant example of a narrative that portrays worldview engagement. In the film, a postmodernist professor has a dialogue with a secular materialist in order to highlight the failure of both worldviews. In light of this film, please answer the questions following the video:

Transcript for “Cruel Logic”
Secular materialist: Wakey-wakey. Hello Dr. Pomeranke. I heard your lecture tonight at the college on criminal biology, DNA, instinct and aggression. It’s a well-thought out presentation, but a bit abstract. Too academic if you ask me.

Secular materialist: What I want to know is, have you ever really lived out your theory? Or are you content writing your papers inside your ivory tower, torturing your captive audience of students with your intellectual fostering?

Professor: What do you want from me?

Secular materialist: I’m here to test your hypothesis. You’re a sociobiologist, are you not?

Professor: Yes.

Secular materialist: Well, in your lecture you argued for the genetic origins of crime. Biology determines behavior. Well I’d like to debate you on that.

Professor: What do you mean debate?
Secular materialist: You know, dialectic. I make a proposition, you counter, thesis, antithesis, synthesis. Only in this debate, the stakes are real. If you win, I let you go. if I win, that’s part of the proposition.

Professor: What proposition?
Secular materialist: The issue resolved. There is no valid reason why I should not kill you. Debating for the negative, professor Pomeranke. And for the affirmative, yours truly.
Professor: You are gonna kill me.
Professor: Please, please. I’ll do anything, anything you say.
Secular materialist: Stimulus, response.
Professor: Please don’t kill me.
Secular materialist: Give me one good reason.
Professor: It’s illegal. Murder is illegal, you’ll go to jail.
Secular materialist: I don’t plan on being caught.
Professor: But it’s wrong to kill.
Secular materialist: Professor, don’t go getting all moral on me. You said that our DNA determines our behavior. DNA has no morality.
Professor: It’s abnormal. Your DNA is abnormal.
Secular materialist: Abnormality has to do with statistical averages, professor, not right or wrong.
Professor: Society agrees killing is wrong.
Secular materialist: Society is another word for statistical average. We’re not all from the same gene pool, either.
Professor: That doesn’t make it right.
Secular materialist: And it doesn’t make it wrong.
Professor: Our species won’t survive if we allow killing.
Secular materialist: You mean you won’t survive. I will. Me, and my DNA.
Professor: You’re a sick man. Your mind is diseased.

Secular materialist: Correction. I’m a genetically determined man with a biological predisposition toward aggression. Killing is in my genes. All according to your theory. Which brings us back to the central question: if all that I am is genetically determined, why should I not in fact kill you, when I am scientifically bound by my DNA to do so?
Professor: Please. Please have mercy. Take pity I beg you.
Secular materialist: There’s no mercy or pity in these genes. I’m a predator by nature.
Professor: Please, I beg you. Please.
Secular materialist: Beggars can’t be choosers, professor. Low survival rates. And I think it’s time you
learned your lesson. Ideas, you see, have consequences.

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