Critical evaluation to the Corporate Governance system in UK banks.

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the dissertation question is “Critical evaluation to whether the corporate governance system in the UK’s banks has been sufficiently enhanced to more effectively prevent banking-failure since the global financial crisis of 2007-2009?”
– The topic is related to both UK Corporate law and UK banking law. Thus, it needs specific knowledge and skills in UK banking Corporate Governance. specifically, I am looking for a British expert in corporate governance in UK banks.
– The main focus of the dissertation is whether the board effectiveness has been enhanced with the current Corporate governance framework. I have already written two chapters. Nevertheless, I need help with the third one. The required chapter is about whether the risk governance at the board level (namely, the risk oversight) is sufficiently enhanced to prevent excessive risk-taking that may lead subsequently to the bank’s failure. It is intended to include a critical discussion to the board oversight of risk-taking within the current Corporate Governance framework.

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