Course: Psychology and the Law -Third year University (Canadian English)

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Instructions: Answer each of the following questions with a short essay that encompasses as much relevant content from Psychology and the Law. Use both textbook and lecture material to support your answer. It is expected that each short-essay response will consist of no fewer than 500 words, though it is possible to develop concise responses that consist of fewer than 500 words.
Question 1 –
What is police discretion? Do you believe police offers should be granted discretion? Discuss the controversies surrounding police discretion and the implications of police discretion for forensic psychology.
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Question 2 –
What are personality traits? How are personality traits relevant to forensic psychology? In your opinion, is criminal profiling “scientific” or not?
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Question 3 –
Is human memory like “a videotape”? What are the implications of your answer for forensic psychology and the legal system?
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Question 4 –
Using examples, describe the various ways that psychology is different from the law.
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