Cosmopolitan, cultural imperialsim, American Evangelicals,The Global the wto and deglobalization,

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Answer each questions clearly or fully- Articles to help answer the following questions are; Cosmopolitans and locals in world culture, Cultural imperialism, American evangelicals the overlooked globalizers and their unintended gospel of modernity, The global south the WTO and Deglobalization by Walden Bello,
1. What are the qualities and characteristics of a “cosmopolitan?” What relationship does s/he have with “home?” What are the job expectations of an Indian IT worker? Does this make them cosmopolitan? Clearly explain why or why not.

2. Using examples from the readings show how does ‘cultural imperialism’ works in the global cinema and music industry. How does “Third Cinema” resist this hegemony? How does Indian cinema defy both models of cultural expression?

3. How has Christianity become the religion of the Global South. What are the ‘modern’ methods American Evangelicals have used to carry their mission across the world? What makes Islam today a modern religion? Clearly explain.

4. How has the global justice movement evolved over time in terms of its goals and participants. Should the world deglobalize? Clearly explain why or why not using examples from the readings covered over the semester

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