Core Values Speech

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The purpose of this presentation is to explore, identify, and express the 3 core values pf INTEGRITY, PASSION AND PERSEVERANCE as they relate to your life and your community. Clearly illustrate said values and discuss how each of these shape your life and your world in a socially significant way. Ideally, this speech should 1) Speak to issues of social, community, and/or cultural relevance and 2) be something that your audience will (hopefully) find meaningful.

Each value will form a main point of your speech. To guide your speech, chose an object to symbolize each of these values, while addressing the following questions:

What object have you chosen to symbolize this value? Why did you choose it?
Why is this value important to you? Where does it come from (friends, family, your own life experience)?.
How does this value shape your life and community (be specific).
You may find it easier to construct this speech of each of these values follows a theme tied to a singular culture (e.g. military culture; gamer culture; racial or ethnic culture; student culture). However, this is not explicitly required.


The speech should be no more than 5 minutes in length
Incorporate proper tenets of delivery (natural and conversational vocal delivery, proper eye contact, pacing, etc.)

Follow this outline in making your speech and submit the outline prior to the day of your speech.


attention grabber/getter.
30 second rule: Don’t have one of these over 20-30 seconds

Good strategies for introductions:

Personal stories (if they are very short)
Statistics that startle
Rhetorical questions (but DO NOT ask the audience a question they can answer)

I visited China recently. In Suzhou, we visited a cool museum/house with an array of spectacular gardens. We went right before closing, and somehow I managed to get locked in the bathroom…

Trigger phrase: “Today, I will…”

The thesis is the main point of the speech: what’s the gist of your idea in ONE complete sentence? It does not include any of the main points of the speech (which will come later in the preview)


“China is a place of unexpected and interesting delights”

Preview the main points in the order you plan to cover them in.

Use signposting to convey sequencing: first, to begin, second, next, finally, lastly, etc.


“First, I will talk about the Great Wall of China; second, I will share my experience visiting the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an; and lastly, I will discuss my visit to West Lake in Hangzhou.”

Brainstorm two or three different subtopics you’d like to share about the fun thing you did. This could be different places you went to, specific things you did, etc. Then, write a preview of these subtopics.

PART TWO: Body of the Speech

Body of the speech = main points. Two or three is typical. Should be 70% to 80% of the speech time.

Avoid overlap between main points (i.e., don’t duplicate information unnecessarily).

You’ve thought of two or three things to talk about—in your notes, write down a topic sentence for each main point and a few details for each idea. (Don’t spend too much time on this).

PART THREE: Conclusion

Summary = thesis + preview in the past tense. So again, say your thesis, and restate the main points.


“Today, I have talked to you about my trip to China, fascinating place of unexpected delights. I told you about the Great Wall of China; my experience visiting the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an; and lastly, my visit to West Lake in Hangzhou.”

Then, figure out a way to conclude: Add a sentence or two that somehow ties back to your introduction. Example: “So next time I decide to visit China, I’ll be extra careful not to get locked in the bathroom of a tourist attraction.”

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