Coping with Stress Journal Entry #4

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utube video-
utube video-

For this week’s application activity for your Stress Coping Journal, you are free to choose either meditation or yoga. Some resources have been provided on our module page if you would like to use a guided meditation or follow along a YouTube video for your yoga practice. You are also welcome to attend a yoga or meditation class in your local community if that works better for you (and you have the time) or pull up one of the great apps on your phone. YouTube has a wide array of these kinds of activities, so don’t feel limited to the ones provided here. If you are already engage in yoga or meditation routine, you might consider trying the exercise that is newer to you or a different method from what you usually practice. Complete your exercise and then reflect in your journal:
1. How did you feel before the exercise? What pre conceived notions did you have of this activity?
2. How did you feel during this exercise? What came up for you and what did you notice?
3. How did you feel both immediately after and several hour after the exercise?
4. What was your “wise effort”?

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