Coping with Stress Journal Entry #3

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This week, our module focuses on both guided imagery and autogenics. Both of these exercises aim to turn down the stress response and turn up parasympathetic activation. However, the experience of each can be quite different. Your task this week is to explore similarities and differences between the experience of these activities. Use this links on this page to complete a guided imagery exercise as well as a guided autogenics exercise. Feel free to branch out to find your own guided recording. If you do, please share your resource with the class!
Then, answer the following questions in your journal:
1. What aspects of your experience during the two exercises seemed to overlap?
2. Were there experiences or sensations that distinguished the exercises for you?
3. Based on the differences between these exercises (both objectively and based on your experience), how could you see applying each? Do you believe one may work better under certain circumstances than other?
4. Did you have a preference for one exercise over the other? If so, why?
Trying new things may feel uncomfortable but keep this in mind as you explore different methods and practices:

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