Coping with Stress Journal Entries #2

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Utube video-
This video provides a guide for breath counting/restful breathing. This is a simple technique with many variations. The main goal is to provide an anchor for concentrating on your breath. Some versions will count on inhalations and exhalations, some will count only on the inhalation and choose a word for the exhalation such as “peace.” Some versions will count back from 20, while some will count 1 to 4 or 1 to 10 before returning back to 1 again. If you find your mind has wandered and you have lost count, simply start back at the beginning. Feel free to play with modifications to see what works for you!

This week, you will be completing two Coping with Stress Journal entries: one for each breathing exercise you try. Please make two separate journal entries this week.
1. Please choose one video posted on the Classroom Content page (Reduced Respirations, Alternating Nostril, or Breath Counting) to watch and practice.
2. Next, take a look in your two course texts. There are more breathing techniques to be found here.
Olpin book: Full breathing, visualization breathing, command breathing, pelvic tilt diaphragmatic breathing, breathing while stretching
Davis book: Relaxing sigh, letting go of tension, breath training, controlled breathing
Choose one of these techniques to practice as well. You are free to Google around to find a guided version of these techniques if you prefer, or you may practice on your own after carefully reading the instructions.
For each entry and exercise, please take some time to reflect on your experience and provide thoughtful answers to the following questions for both techniques:
1. Which technique did you choose and why?
2. How did you feel before the exercise?
3. What was your experience during the exercise? What did sensations, thoughts, or feelings came up?
4. How did you feel immediately and hours after the exercise?
5. What would you do differently next time?

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