conspiracy theories of Pizzagate

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We will examine conspiracy theory, Pizza Gate
• you will write a 2-page response.
• For 1 to 1 ½ pages you will explain the theory in-depth providing at least one source for your
• For ½ to 1 page you will respond. This response will be your chance to state your beliefs on this
topic. You will provide at least one source to support your beliefs.
• Make sure you’re using reliable sources. A big part of this assignment is for me to see whether
you’re evaluating sources well. You can use an unreliable source if you’re making it clear that
it’s unreliable. In other words, you can use an unreliable source if you’re making a point about
how/why it’s unreliable.

• For each response, you will need at least one source to provide information about the theory,
and at least one source to support your beliefs (whether you believe it, don’t believe it, or are
somewhere in the middle).
• That’s two (2) sources minimum. Feel free to use more, if you’d like.
• The minimum length requirement is 2-full pages. Write more than that, if you’d like.
• 12 pt font, double-spaced.
• You must cite your sources using MLA format.

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