Concert report #1

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You must watch this video:
500-575 words limit.
Begin your report with an introductory paragraph telling the reader who performed, where and when, and what kind of ensemble was featured at the concert. Was there a conductor or soloist?
Follow the introductory paragraph with detailed descriptions of at least 3 pieces keeping in mind you must write 500 words. MAKE SURE TO STATE THE NAME OF EACH PIECE. Tell the reader what you found to be most striking or important about the piece. Concentrate on musical matters only. Talk about how well the performers presented the music. Were there any featured instruments? Did you like or dislike the piece and why? End your report with a concluding paragraph. What were your overall impressions of the concert? What piece was your favorite and why? Would you attend a concert like this in the future? How well do you think the musicians performed?

TRACK LISTING: 1 – Sixty Years On (03:00)

2 – Take Me To The Pilot (08:24)

3 – This Train Don’t Stop There Anymore (12:51)

4 – Carla/Etude (17:38)

5 – Tonight (21:56)

6 – Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (29:44)

7 – Philadelphia Freedom (35:01)

8 – Burn Down The Mission (40:28)

9 – Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me (47:00)

10 – Your Song (52:47)

11 – Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting (58:06)

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