Computer Networking Communication Standards and Protocols

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The job of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is to make the Internet work, and the IETF achieves that primarily by writing technical standards that guide computer network design and communication. The TCP/IP Protocol Suite is a collection of protocols that ultimately enables the IETF to share data across the Internet and other networks.

Search the Internet for information on one of the IETF Request for Comments (RFC) listed here:

~IETF RFC 791 Internet Protocol (IP).
~IETF RFC 793 Transmission Control Protocol (TCP).
~IETF RFC 792 Internet Control Message Protocol
~IETF RFC 768 User Datagram Protocol (UDP).
~IETF RFC 959 File Transfer Protocol (FTP).
~IETF RFC 854 Telnet (Telecommunications Network).
~IETF RFC 1939 Post Office Protocol (POP3).
~IETF RFC 2570 Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).
~IETF RFC 2131 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).
~IETF RFC 4251 Secure Shell (SSH).
Based on the information gathered, describe the following:

The primary function that makes the protocol unique from others.
Describe the salient characteristics of the protocol including its relationship to the OSI and TCP/IP networking models, and discuss any security mechanisms that the protocol may have built into it.
Review the prominent features of the protocol, do not include material directly copied from the associated IETF.

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