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Argument Project – Proposal

~Assignment Sheet~

Title: Use the words “Argumentative Project Proposal” as the title for this assignment.

Instructions: After reading the textbook chapter on Proposals (ch. 20), develop a brief proposal of your research-based argumentative project.

Format/Length: This assignment should be about 250 words (approximately one page) but can be longer should the topic and required information merit it to be so.

Content: The contents of this proposal include the following:
a well-defined problem (and working thesis statement(s) in bold),
a recommended improvement/solution (optional),
relevant/realistic support for this solution (at least 1 idea so far),
anticipated questions from opponents’ points of view WITH answers
a call to action (if applicable).
Anything else related to “PAGS MD” (The elements of the rhetorical situation)

Purpose/Objective: The purpose of this assignment is for students to clearly identify their chosen research-based argumentative topic, thesis, and outline for the project. It allows the instructor an opportunity to assist students whose topics are not clear and/or narrow enough to fit the assignment.

Value and Scoring Rubric: This assignment is worth 15 points.
MLA format (pg. 1 requirements, double-spaced, 11-12 font): 3 points
Required information (“Content” stated above): 12 points

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