Clinical Aspects of Crisis Management

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Clinical Aspects of Crisis Management
In Unit 1, you were charged with creating an example case study using the Biopsychosocial Assessment Form that is part of the Case Study Treatment Plan (linked in Resources). Using your case study, imagine now that the family is experiencing a crisis situation. You might be a Red Cross volunteer during a natural disaster working with this family; a community-based clinician responding to school violence or other tragedy involving or affecting one of the family members, such as a student or teacher death; or a practicing clinician in whose therapy session a family member reports being suicidal.

Write a 3–4 page paper in which you complete the following:

Part I: Introduce your case scenario and the context for your involvement with the family. Discuss how you would respond as the clinician when working with this family. Be sure to include the following:

Discuss ways that you develop rapport with clients in crisis.
Identify some differences you may notice when working with clients in crisis versus those not experiencing a crisis.
Describe the steps you would take when working with a client who presents in a crisis state.
Identify assessments you might use. Discuss the rationale for the assessments.
Identify interventions you will implement as a result of the assessments.
Describe safety plans or next-step interventions that might be developed with the client family.
Discuss ethical as well as your state’s legal implications for the client family resulting from the crisis.
Describe some best practices aligned with state and national standards for the MFT discipline that apply to working with families in crisis.
Reflect on your overall reactions to working with the client family from your scenario.
As you continue to examine the process of therapy through the lens of the self-of-the-therapist and multicultural diversity, include ways in which your own family experiences and various dimensions of your culture, such as religion, gender, or ethnicity, inform your reactions to this particular issue.
Support your ideas with references from peer-reviewed journals. You may use your course texts as supplementary references.
Part II: Complete the Risk Assessment Activity (Family Member Crisis Assessment) based on the case study and crisis situation in the Case Study Treatment Plan activity.

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