Climate Reality and Fashion

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Directions: Your response should be at least four paragraphs long (one per bullet).
respond to the following questions/prompts:

How do you feel after watching the Climate Reality presentation? What did you learn that you did not know? What slide/slides impacted you the most? List at least 3 facts/slides you found impactful or eye-opening and why.
Connect what you saw and heard in the presentation to what you read in chapter 3 of Robertson’s Book. What did you see and read that you feel is imperative for everyone to know and why?
Do you believe it is important for fashion brands to have scientific knowledge of climate change and be made more aware of the issues occurring due to these issues? Why or Why not?
Lastly- when thinking about fashion today and when working towards responsibility in fashion tomorrow…. Why is it important to be a systems thinker and to know the importance of living systems and the reality of the climate crisis?

Link to video:
Textbook PDF:!/4/2/2@0:0

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