Classical Tragedy

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Before you begin writing your discussion post, review the Module 1 Writer’s Workshop, “Learning to Write a One-Paragraph Argument About Literature.”

Respond to this discussion activity by constructing a one-paragraph argument about one of the following topics:

the exposition, complication, climax of Oedipus Rex;
the central conflict of Oedipus Rex;
one of the characters of Oedipus Rex;
the function of the chorus in Oedipus Rex; or
one of the dominant themes of Oedipus Rex.
Once you have selected a topic:

Make a claim about how the literary elements are significant in the assigned classical Greek tragedy. Alternatively, you may discuss the relationship between two of these elements in the play.
Add evidence to support your claim in the form of a quotation from the story to illustrate the point you are making.
Add analysis by explaining how your quote proves or illustrates your claim.

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