CJUS-310 – Week 8 Discussion (Managed)

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In Chapter 8 we explore sampling, or the process of figuring out who/what we want to observe to answer our research question. We need to consider whether we are interested in external validity, hope to answer a broad question about deviance and crime, or are focusing on a specific population and group to understand their experiences. 

In Chapter 8 we explore the techniques used to select people or things to observe in research.

Please consider the following:

I am interested in finding out how many people have had their cars stolen in the previous 3 years. I design a survey that I will send via text message to gather data. What issues/errors/biases should I be aware of in my research?

I am focusing my research on juveniles who use drugs. I ask my first research subject if they know anyone else who uses drugs who might be interested in speaking with me. What type of sampling am I engaging in? Are there advantages or disadvantages to this sampling method?

What method of sampling would you use to answer your hypothetical research question for our hypothetical research proposal?

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