CJUS-310- Week 10 Research Proposal outline (Managed)

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Some possible research topics:

-How has the juvenile crime rate changed in the city of Utica from summer 2016 to summer 2017?
-What influences do prison social workers have on punishments given to prison inmates?
-What is the immediate impact of expanding probation as a sentence in Schenectady County?
-How has probation contributed to mass incarceration in the United States?
-Why do juveniles join gangs?
-How do the police use Facebook as a policing tool?

Research Proposal outline

The goal of our outline is to organize our ideas for the final research proposal. 

Please review the elements of a research proposal from Chapter 1 (starting on page 23). The goal of this assignment is to provide an outline of your proposal. The final product will have complete paragraphs of information for each element of the research proposal, while the outline highlights some key parts you may discuss in the full proposal.

You are welcome to use bullet points, lists, etc. to organize your thoughts. Please be sure to follow along with the elements from Chapter 1.

Attached is an example of a research proposal I have completed- note the different sections included. For your outline, organize your thoughts so far for the proposal, and if you have any of your literature review done, you are welcome to include that for feedback. 

I have also included a Word document with the headings for a research proposal included. You are welcome to use this document to work on your paper and add your specific proposal information, just be sure to Save As so you are able to find the document on your device. 

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