choose one of the following articles about a current event

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choose one of the following articles about a current event that relates to one of the following economic measures we are studying:

Unemployment – (Links to an external site.)

Inflation – (Links to an external site.)

Federal Debt or Deficit –
To prepare your article review answer the following questions/address the following topics:

Provide a one paragraph review of what the article is about.
In a second paragraph, compare the values of the source data to the values actually reported in the article. Are they the same, different, or can’t be compared? Explain. Of the links available in the Resources Module, which one did you use to make the comparison? Why?

In a third paragraph, what question(s) are raised about this economic measure that are not explained in the article. Explain why this is a question.
Type your responses from above in a word document (.doc or .docx format. No Google Docs), The cumulative length of your capstone should be a minimum 500 words in length.
Prepare a header, left justified with:
Your name
Class & Section # ie: Econ101-xx
Capstone title, centered
Format the paper by…
12 point Ariel, Calibri, or New Times Roman fonts
Line spacing must be 1.15 or 1.5
Skip one line to begin a new paragraph

In a APA formatted bibliography include the URL by pasting its link into the document, in addition to all other sources used. Without this URL, the maximum score you can receive is a 78%

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