Childhood Obesity

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Must have nursing interventions and designs – but make sure it matches the childhood obesity I attached as a file please

After your Design of Intervention has been approved by your Instructor, each student will present the plan to the community of interest. This will be done in the manner that is most effective and appropriate for each community. Using previous examples, if the community of interest was survivors of breast cancer, the student may choose to present the intervention plan to a breast cancer support group. If the community is homeless individuals, the student may choose to present the plan to a homeless shelter. The overarching goal is to present the plan where it is most likely to be implemented.

Given the constraints imposed by the pandemic, community presentations are most appropriately delivered online at this time. One suggestion is to create a brief PowerPoint describing your intervention, contact the manager/department head of the organization you have identified above, and email your presentation to them with a note explaining your project. Copy your instructor on the email.

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