Building Success through Coaching and Mentoring

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1. Critical Literature Review (4 to 5 PAGES)
Critically discuss (critical literature review) ways in which coaching and/or mentoring could improve organizational performance, relating ideas to relevant academic literature
These are some topics that can be included and touched on and serve as a a good guideline ( not needed to cover in this specific order) ;

A) Strategies for coaching and mentoring
B) Contribution of C&M to business success
C) Evaluating coaching impact
D) Discourses of Coaching
E) Manager as Coach
F) Team Coaching
G) Creating a Coaching Culture
H) Stakeholders in coaching and mentoring
I) Ethical issues in coaching and mentoring
J) Transactional Analysis
K) Internal Coaching
L) Developmental Coaching
M) Performance Coaching
N) GROW extended to GROUP
O) Egan 3 stage model
2. Creating a successful coaching culture (2 PAGES)
Practical guidelines on how you would create and install a coaching culture
in your own organization (ideas supported by some case studies and literature)

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