Biographical Paper: David Lloyd George.

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-Hi! This paper is for 20th century Europe class.
– The biographical paper involves reading two books – an autobiography or memoirs of a significant historical figure and a biography of that person. —Students will then write a 7-10 page paper assessing that person’s place in history.
– Papers will be submitted as an email attachment. The paper will be down-graded one full letter grade if late, unless an extension has been granted before the day the paper is due.
– I expect correct grammar and good organization in these papers.
-The paper would be submitted to SAFEASSIGN for a plagiarism check, in additional to sending it via email attachment.
-List the two books in a mini- bibliography on the last page (doesn’t count in your 7-10 limit).

Note: the professor’s lectures feature diplomacy, high politics, and military/naval affairs. That’s his specialty, so it is where he can give the benefit of his own research, not just what he read in history books.

Also: Use END NOTES, not footnotes. Use ARABIC NUMERALS, not roman numerals.

I have already chosen the memoir and the biography that needs to be used in the essay and is the basis of it all.
The First is War Memoirs of David Lloyd George Volume I.
The Other is: Mr. Lloyd George: A biography.
Below are the links:

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