Assignment 1

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1 – Assignment requirements
Please read carefully the following questions and answer them based on the assignment guidelines:

Question 1: What role does a customer have during the project life cycle? Why is it important to satisfy the customer?
Question 2: What aspects of a project might involve some degree of uncertainty? Why?
Question 3: Describe how a global project can be more complex than a project performed within just one country. How might these elements affect the successful outcome of the global project?
Question 4: What do you consider will be the biggest challenges in organizing and managing a PMO?
Question 5:Explain with examples how the project manager leadership style can influence project success?
Question 6: Why audit an organization, from a project management perspective, is important, and how may we measure the project management maturity level for an organization?

2 Assignment Guidelines

• The deadline 12 sep 2021 at 5:pm.
• Send as REPORT ( must be between 800 to 1200 words include reference and everything no need for table of content ).
• Free of plagiarism.
• Support your work with pictures/charts/diagrams/illustrations/tables/figures (if possible).
• The Report 4 parts (Title page ,introduction, questions, conclusion).
• Title Page – clear indication of topic, your name, course, purpose, date (approx.), etc.
• Introduction – clear introduction of the subject of your work.
• Questions – put the full question 1 (Question 1: What role does a customer have during the project life cycle? Why is it important to satisfy the customer? ) then answer it. Then the second question , then the third ….etc.
• Conclusion – no need to put conclusion under each question only at the end clearly outline what lessons can be learned from the work undertaken.
• Please check the old assignment file they get full mark but they have one mistake. (please check mistake file also).

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