Assessment 4: Applying the DSM

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For this assessment, you will present information to an interested audience about a particular psychological disorder in the DSM-5. You will be discussing how the diagnosis and the treatment have changed over time so take this into consideration as you choose the disorder you will address.
The DSM-5 is a required resource to complete this assessment.
To complete this assessment:
* Select one psychological disorder in the DSM-5 to use for this assessment.
* Consider your current workplace or community and select a target audience to present your information to.
* Design a PowerPoint presentation in which you:
* Select a theory from the text or elsewhere and discuss how the theory would view the causes of the specific disorder.
* Discuss the current diagnostic criteria for the disorder from the DSM-5. Provide a brief case example that would meet the diagnostic criteria.
* Describe how the DSM-5 version of the diagnosis reconsiders the DSM-4 diagnosis.
* Describe the changes in treatment.
* Assess what lead to the changes in the diagnosis and treatment approaches. Use current research to support your analysis.
* Support your analysis of the changes with evidence from scholarly research, at least three of which should be from peer-reviewed journal articles.

Additional Requirements:
Title Slide: Name: Kellie Clark, Course: PSYC-FPX3110, Faculty: Thomas King
References: DSM-5 and 3 or more peer-reviewed journal articles.
APA formatting
10-15 slides
Speaker notes: Included on each slide.

Please see the uploaded attachments for grading and professor advice.

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