Assessment 2: Cognitive Psychology Paper

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Analyze if a theory is supported by research using three articles, taking into consideration the research methodology of those articles.
As you work on this assessment, you’ll have the opportunity to explore problem-solving, creativity, judgments, decisions, and reasoning, and what can prevent people from making quick decisions. you’ll also explore what might account for how people learn differently. What differences might account for how they deal with decisions?
In this assessment, you’ll have the chance to evaluate peer-reviewed articles in more depth while applying a theory to learning. You’ll analyze if a theory is supported by the research. This is also an important skill for Assessment3, where you’ll need to use articles to support an evaluation of conditions and treatments.
Select at least three articles provided in the Resources and review them. For this assessment, you will write a research paper on the broad topic of individual differences in ONE of these sub topical areas
* Learning styles.
* Multiple intelligences.
* Artificial intelligence.
Use the APA Paper Template (DOCX) to complete this assessment.
* Review and select at least three of the articles listed in the Resources to inform your paper. You do not need to locate additional articles, although you may use sources that are not included in the provided reading lists.
* Follow the assessment instructions to organize your paper using APA style in-text citations and a reference list (see below).
Prior to submission conduct a self-evaluation of this assessment using the scoring guide and identifying the proficiency level for each criterion. Submit your assessment and the self-evaluation (as a separate attachment). See below for more instructions.
Use the following as a guide for organizing your paper:
* Introduction ( 1 paragraph)
* Description of the theory, model, or phenomenon ( 2-3 paragraphs).
* Examples of how the theory, model, or phenomenon impacts learning and memory processes using the peer-reviewed articles you located to inform the examples (2 paragraphs).
* Description of the research methods used in the sources cited and analysis of their appropriateness (2-3 paragraphs).
* Strengths and limitations of the theoretical perspective of phenomenon ( 1-2 paragraphs ).
* Summary and conclusion ( 1-2 paragraphs ).
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Assessment 2
Learning and Cognition

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