Assessing Cultural Competence

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Cultural competence depends on the development of an attitude of acceptance of others among health care providers. Foundational to this attitude of acceptance is an awareness of, sensitivity to, and knowledge of the meaning of culture and its influence in shaping human behavior. Cultural competence is a process that begins with one’s willingness to learn about cultural issues, and proceeds with the commitment to incorporate the importance of culture at all levels of an organization (Anderson & McFarland, 2019). This commitment is operationalized in an organization through the cultural tailoring of services to meet the unique cultural needs of the diverse populations served.

Developing the skills to assess cultural competence on the provider and agency level will prove invaluable as you progress in your career. This area will evolve and continue to move to the forefront as the populations served become increasingly diverse.

For this Discussion, you will begin to assess the cultural competence of your practicum placement agency.

To Prepare:

Focus on the different populations within the area/community that your agency provides services to
Consider the culture of the providers and its influence on the provided care

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