Artificial intelligence and its impact on the transport forwarding logistics sector in the central-e

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The transportation companies that the Covid-19 pandemic has directly impacted transport and store goods have had to adapt very quickly to customers’ buying behavior. Customers have shifted from buying in stores to e-commerce, purchasing at a rapid pace. As a result, the transport and logistics sector must face several challenges, such as having real-time visibility of available inventory along the supply chain and transparency across the supply chain and logistics providers to provide critical components with alternative supplier options. In addition, capacity estimation, loading capacities, avoidance of inefficient routes, and transportation mode flexibility, to name a few, must be addressed. Driver shortage and ensuring the safety and health of the available delivery drivers are also of primary concern.
The transformative power of automation and augmentation through AI can virtually be applied in all spheres of a business and all types of organizations. The transport and logistics sector are no exception. Bringing together the right data from people, vehicles, logistics operations and processes, and products can create intelligent processes that can react to changing conditions and provide a holistic view over the business and entire supply chain. However, this is only possible once AI becomes understandable, desired, and thoroughly pursued by the leadership and employees of the company.
This report explores the benefits and impact of implementing AI on companies in the transport forwarding logistics sector operating within the CEE region. Being AI Ready would mean the company is committed to implement and use AI at the organizational level.
Two research questions and two research objectives are presented below:
Research Question 1 – What logistics processes are leveraging AI components, and which processes are not using AI?
Research Question 2 – What value/benefits are realized from the implementation of AI?

Research Objective 1 – Analyze the current research on the AI impact in the transport forwarding logistics sector.
Research Objective 2 – Analyze the practical approaches to implementing AI in the transport forwarding sector.

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