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Read one of the articles that interests you:
Teens, Sleep, and Technology
Agarwal, A. K., Verma, A., Agarwal, M., & Singh, S. K. (2020). Adolescents sleep quality and internet addiction. Pediatric Oncall Journal, 17(4), 116–120.
Perspectives on Fake News
Cha, M., Gao, W., & Li, C.-T. (2020). Detecting fake news in social media: An Asia-Pacific perspective. Communications of the ACM, 63(4), 68–71.
Social Media and Mental Health
Sumner, S. A., Bowen, D. A., & Bartholow, B. (2020). Factors associated with increased dissemination of positive mental health messaging on social media. Crisis, 41(2), 141–145.
Excessive Use of Technology
Turel, O., & Ferguson, C. (2021). Excessive use of technology: Can tech providers be the culprits? Seeking to assess the possible responsibility of tech providers for excessive use patterns. Communications of the ACM, 64(1), 42–44.


Briefly summarize the main topic of the article you selected.
Explain how two experts besides the authors have contributed to the conversation in the article you selected. Tip: check the references and in-text citations to identify experts.
Provide APA Style-formatted in-text citations for any information from the article you use to support your response.
Describe how you could contribute to this conversation from an academic, professional, or personal perspective.
Discuss why it is important that, as a student and scholar, you understand that scholarship is an ongoing conversation.
Your initial post should be a minimum of 250 words.

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