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Consider the lectures on the nature of scientific inquiry.
Address, in 500-1000 words, and in short-essay form, the following:

Do you believe that there is a prevalent antiscientific sentiment in our country? If so, give examples.

If you do not agree with the claim stated above, then choose some of the examples that may get labeled as antiscientific and explain how they are not, in fact, antiscientific.

What do you believe might motivate someone to be skeptical of a particular scientific claim?

Can one ever be justified in denying a scientific claim that is affirmed by the scientific community at large?

When I ask that this be in essay form, that means that you should lead off the response with a short paragraph expressing your thesis and your plan. This information is usually best conveyed according to the following structure: “In this paper, I will argue that _______. In order to do so, I will first explain why I think that _______. Then, I will _______…. Finally, I will _______.”

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