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Answers to be based on this textbook

0.5 page each (4 questions)

Short Answer Questions: Answer any four (4) of the following questions using a few sentences to a paragraph each (10 pts. each). Be sure to clearly label each of your answers with the question number.

  1. Who participates in politics? Given what you know from lecture and your textbook, give at least three factors that determine who votes. Be sure to be specific as to how the factors work (i.e. if the factor makes people more or less likely to vote).
  2. Describe prospective vs. retrospective voting. What does each phrase mean? Which requires more effort and knowledge?
  3. Name two groups that are more likely to vote Democratic and two groups that are more likely to vote Republican.
  4. Contrast valence and position issues and give an example of each.
  5. Who are political “elites” and how do they differ from the general public in terms of their behavior and beliefs?
  6. From where do we gain our political beliefs? Give at least two sources.

Contrast the primary and general phases of American elections.

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