Analysis of “the drive-in culture” By Kenneth T. Jackson

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In one-thousand words or more, identify and explain what Kenneth T. Jackson means by “the drive-in culture” we have in the United States. Start by reading the entire piece carefully, taking notes on the entire reading. Tease out Jackson’s main points/arguments and use them as the foundation for your writing. Identify at least five ‘reasons’ for how the landscape of the U.S. became this way. Remember, the building of this “drive-in culture” wasn’t just a response to people’s “desire” to drive. Carefully read the first 5 pages of Jackson’s piece for help on this part of the essay. Next, identify at least five things that we can see (features, structures, characteristics, etc.) in the landscape that evolved and developed as key components of the drive-in culture. EXPLAIN EVERYTHING. Assume I know nothing. Omit any small dates, numbers, or tiny factoids. Convince me that you’ve: read the entire piece, you understand it, and you can provide me with what I’m looking for. If I see lots of tiny details in the essay, I’ll take 3 points off the top. Make sure your essay is carefully structured, proofread, and does all that I ask above. Once complete, paste your words into the submission space. Please spend the time.

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