Activity #3 Presentational Analysis of Hindustani Raga

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Activity #3 Presentational Analysis of Hindustani Raga

Now that you have some experience listening to and viewing Hindustani music performance and engaged with the concept of “presentational music performance,” you can reflect on the music and career of Ravi Shankar.

Do some research on Ravi Shankar’s life and music. The readings in Music: Its Language, History, and Culture (p. 92) has a short bio for him. Review the ideas covered in discussion board posts #14 & #15.

Write a short reflective essay about Ravi Shankar’s music, answering the following questions:

(You can label each answer with the number of the question).

What is Hindustani music? Who was Ravi Shankar? (Use the Hindustani musical vocabulary, including instrument names and musical terminology).

When viewing a performance of Ravi Shankar, what presentational performance characteristics are most striking to you? Explain 2 presentational characteristics. (Be sure to name the video you are referring to and the specific presentational characteristic).

What questions do you still have about either Hindustani music or about Ravi Shankar?


Submit as PDF or Doc file

1 page in length, double-spaced, 12-point font

Label each answer 1, 2, & 3

Chicago citations (if citing a source)

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