Academic Challenge

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Academic Challenge Proposal: Write a proposal to explore / investigate an Academic Challenge (in this case the academic challenge is how to increase reading comprehension scores at Appling Middle School (a low income middle school/90% minority population/ Central Georgia area), by offering free Saturday school tutoring, differentiated instruction via personalized learning, and implementing Core Six Reading Strategy to address the academic challenge. Core Six notes:
*Resources to use in addition to attachments

Tennessee Leaders for Equity Playbook, Available at…/Tennessee-Leaders-for-Equity-Playbook.pdf

This needs to be a scholarly academic proposal.
Think about the following to meet this assignment:

Must be APA style
include abstract page, title page, and reference

Follow these guidelines for your AC proposal:
*No longer than two pages
Written in the third person
Required Headings for Proposal:
I. Mission or Purpose Statement (@ 50 words or less)

II. Rationale (Literature Review: use program texts plus others as available for your specific initiative)

III. Statement of Need

IV. References

Answer the following questions as appropriate in the proposal headings:

What is the Academic Challenge (AC)? Students are performing below grade level in regards to reading comprehension (for example 6th grade reading on 3rd grade level)
Evidence: 6,7 and 8th grade STAR 360 Reading comprehension data and 2021 GA Milestones data.
What learning or change strategies could address the AC? Saturday school, personalized learning, Core Six instructional strategy

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